Infographic: How Soda Makes You Fat

Sodas contribute to tooth decay, heart disease, asthma and osteoporosis. But it’s how they make you fat that will really shock you.

Woman Killed by Coca Cola

Eight children lost their 30-year-old mother when she died from drinking too much Coca-Cola, says a coroner in New Zealand. Is it possible to drink soda, yet be healthy and lose weight?

Britain’s Fattest Man: Did He Really Need Bariatric Surgery

Here’s Why You Won’t Lose Weight with Coconut Milk

One cup of coconut milk (let’s not even mention coconut cream!) has almost the same calories as a big cheese omelette. Here’s why it’s no weight loss food.  

Dairy: Fattening, Sickening and Generally to Be Avoided?

Sometimes you have to speak out against what’s wrong. I did so today.

News Items: Boston, Bariatric Surgery and Al Roker’s Dirty Underwear

Why did Boston kick off its weight loss campaign with the country’s biggest ice cream party?

10 Ways to Make Any Smoothie a Weight-Loss Powerhouse

Smoothies almost always get a free pass by dieters and exercisers. Something with fruit in it must be good, right? Here’s why conventional wisdom is wrong, and 10 ways to make your smoothie a better weight-loss tool.

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