Weight Loss Tips from Rip

Rip Esselstyn is the guy who got me to finally go all the way and eat healthy.

Rip Esselstyn, professional triathlete, firefighter and evangelist for healthy eating.

(Well, I still overdo the dark chocolate now and then, but that just proves I’m human.)

  • Rip used to be a firefighter, so his weight loss tips must be focused on meat and potatoes, right?
  • As a former professional triathlete, he must be all about meat and dairy protein, right?
  • He must think veggies and fruit are a waste of good stomach space, right?

Wrong. Wrong. And wrong.

Rip got to my wife and I through his book, The Engine 2 Diet. After reading it, we went vegan. Sure we had tried to eat better before that. But it wasn’t working.

In his book, Rip tells the story of how he convinced his fellow firemen to follow his weight loss tips and cut out the typical fireman foods like steak, barbecue and hamburgers.

One of Rip’s firehouse buddies, JR, was discovered to have dangerously high cholesterol. This was the excuse for everyone in the team to go plant based at work. They wanted to support their friend in his effort to cut his cholesterol.


Puff the Magic Dragon

The first thing Rip had to do was teach his fellow firefighters which foods are healthy.

“They thought red meat put hair on their chest and made them more manly,” he said. But he told them, “Guys, it doesn’t. It puts plaque in your arteries and it makes you less of a man.”

Less of a man? Yup. The saturated fat and cholesterol in meat and dairy clogs up your arteries. Your arteries are like pipes. As they get filled in with fat, the space left for the blood to flow gets smaller and smaller.

Because the artery leading to your penis is a much thinner straw than the ones leading to your heart, most men with heart disease become impotent first. They have manhood failure before they have heart failure.

As Rip says:

“If you want to allow your Puff the Magic Dragon to roar, then you want to ditch the meat and reach for the plants.”


Rip’s Mantastic Foods

Rip’s buddies didn’t know how to eat right. “These guys had a huge disconnect between what they thought was healthy,” he says, “and what in reality is healthy.”

Rip made all his firefighter friends into plant-strong eaters — at least during their 24-hours shifts at the firehouse. That meant: no animal products, no meat, no milk, no cheese, no yogurt, no chicken, no fish, no white flour and no highly processed foods. It also meant lots of whole plant foods.

Instead of the unhealthy foods that had made most of his teammates “walking health time bombs,” Rip got them to eat “mantastic foods.”

What’s a mantastic food? It’s one that fills you up, without filling you out. It tastes great and makes you feel great.

All of these recipes are in Rip’s book. I’ve provided links to those that are also online.


Did JR Reverse His Heart Disease?

Rip’s Engine 2 Firehouse, where sick firefighters became strong and healthy.

Rip’s friend with the high cholesterol, JR, was just the latest male in his family to find himself on the probable path to an early death.

All the men before him had died of heart disease by age fifty-two. Only JR’s father had lived longer, but even he had to have triple bypass surgery at fifty-four.

After a year of eating “mantastic” plant-based foods at the firehouse, JR’s cholesterol had only come down to the 270s. It turned out, he was eating well at work, but not at home.

Rip writes in his book, “I asked JR to eat all plant-based for just three weeks [at home and at work], then have his cholesterol level checked once more. The results? His cholesterol had plummeted to an impressive 196 — a drop of 146 points (or 57 percent) from his high of 344!”

Rip, JR and their teammates had such great success that they were able to recruit other Austin firefighters to the diet. They also persuaded battalion chiefs, captains and lieutenants to follow the plan. Even the doctor of the fire department wellness center made the switch to eating healthy, too.

“And all with eye-popping results,” writes Rip.


Get More Weight Loss Tips from Rip

Overall, women who tested Rip’s diet for 28 days lost between 2 and 26 pounds. Men lost between 2 and 31 pounds.

If you aren’t sure how to eat healthy and lose weight, or you are having trouble sticking to it, you may need to see more of Rip’s weight loss tips. Here are three ways to do that:


What You Can Do Today

Here’s what you can do right now: follow Rip’s weight loss tips and go plant strong for 28 days. See how it changes you, makes you slimmer and gives you more energy.

If that’s too intimidating, pick one meal a day to make plant strong and free of animal products. Make it a habit, and be consistent. Habits -once established- require very little willpower to maintain.

Let’s be clear: triathlete Rip, former “heart attack waiting to happen” JR and the other Austin firefighters are living proof that animal foods contribute to weight gain, as well as to serious health problems like heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

By making one-third of your meals as healthy as they can be, you’re likely to lose weight. With that easily attainable success under your belt, you’ll be ready to move on to more ambitious goals.

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