Here’s Why You Won’t Lose Weight with Coconut Milk

One cup of coconut milk (let’s not even mention coconut cream!) has almost the same calories as a big cheese omelette. Here’s why it’s no weight loss food.


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Dairy: Fattening, Sickening and Generally to Be Avoided?

Sometimes you have to speak out against what’s wrong. I did so today.

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10 Ways to Make Any Smoothie a Weight-Loss Powerhouse

Smoothies almost always get a free pass by dieters and exercisers. Something with fruit in it must be good, right? Here’s why conventional wisdom is wrong, and 10 ways to make your smoothie a better weight-loss tool.

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Coconut Flesh: Weight Loss Food?

Lately, I’ve started to imagine the world’s coconut marketers as evil magicians. They seem to have the entire health food community under their spell.┬áBut, does coconut help you lose weight?

Read on to find out.

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