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Start loving your scale again.

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How Will It Benefit You?

You might be wondering how my free weight loss newsletter will help you. It’s not like other weight loss newsletters. Here are some ways it will help you:

  • You’ll be able to avoid fake diets and diets that don’t work by getting the latest weight loss science in a summarized and easy-to-read email update.
  • You won’t have to scan the world’s tens of thousands of medical journals, news media and other important sources for the latest weight loss info. I examine it all and then share the most important and useful information with you.
  • You’ll be able to lose weight faster with the best weight loss science and resources right in your inbox.
  • You receive only the most important information. I only send my weight loss newsletter every two weeks. Unlike more frequent newsletters, I don’t have to invent news just to fill a too-frequent newsletter.
  • I don’t just explain the latest weight-loss knowledge. I also describe clear-cut steps you can take to start benefiting from this information today. That makes it easier to lose weight.
  • You can read my weight loss newsletter on any device. Read it at work on your computer, at the gym on your iPhone or at home on your iPad. Take it anywhere and read it whenever you have time.
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Inspiring Weight-Loss Stories

I save you time by scanning the world’s tens of thousands of medical journals, news media and other sources for the latest weight loss knowledge.

I save you time by picking just the best news and tips for each newsletter.

My name is Dave Platter. I’m fascinated by the human body and how it works. Nearly every day, exciting new research reveals new insights into weight loss and health. Understanding and sharing this information has become my passion.

I’m angry at the companies, so-called experts and even some doctors who tell you things about weight loss that are just plain wrong. Sometimes they don’t know better. Sometimes they should know better. And sometimes, sad to say, they put their own desire to profit ahead of your desire to lose weight and be healthy.

Here’s some of the great content that I featured in past weight loss newsletters. It’s similar to what you’ll get in your inbox every two weeks:


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Explaining What Really Matters

Sometimes it seems that one day on the news you hear something is good for you. The next day you hear it is bad. If you have every been confused about how to lose weight, then my free weight loss newsletters are for you.

Most journalists today are overworked and underpaid. They can’t do a really good job of understanding and reporting on science news.

Researchers and medical journals are also to blame. To advance their own reputations, they suggest their findings mean more than they actually do. Also, most research focuses on a very narrow facet of an issue. You can’t understand what one paper means without knowing how it fits in to prior research.

I find weight loss science fascinating. I’m certified in plant based nutrition from eCornell (Cornell University online). I’m also a member of the Obesity Society. By looking at the data behind each story and study, I can evaluate which ones can be trusted.

Weight Loss Is a Lifetime Journey

Losing weight and keeping it off requires more than just a short-term diet. Most diets fail, science has shown. What experience shows is that people who succeed in losing weight for the long-term are those who adopt good habits and keep them.

Here is one dieter’s story, as reported on MSNBC:

Roberta Perry has tried it all to lose the pounds — organized diet programs, prescription pills, psychotherapy, even hypnosis.

Those efforts worked for a while for the Pennsylvania woman, but the weight inevitably crept back up. After years of yo-yo dieting, Perry realized it would take more than gimmicks to slim down.

“As much as I would like to have a magic bullet, I knew the only way to lose weight was eat less and exercise more,” said the 39-year-old public relations consultant.

UCLA researchers analyzed 31 diet studies that followed people two to five years after they went on diets. Between one-third and two-thirds gained back the weight they lost. A small number were able to successfully maintain their weight loss. The doctors published their results here in American Psychologist (sub. required).


You Can Do It

By relying on the best of weight loss science and knowledge, you can finally lose that weight.

With the best of weight loss science and knowledge, you can lose that weight.

I don’t want you to think that there is a magic pill that will help you lose weight. I don’t want you to think that skipping meals for a couple of weeks will give you the attractive body and good health that you desire. I don’t want you to think that some gimmick –available now for just $25!– is the answer.

I do want you to know something, however. I want you to know that you can do it. Yes. You can.

You can lose weight. You can keep it off. You can have the lifestyle you want. You can feel better about yourself.

You can prove to everyone who ever doubted you that they were wrong.

You can succeed by relying on the latest scientific knowledge about weight loss. By applying the resulting knowledge to your life, you can finally lose that weight.

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